Written and researched by Francesco Josepa Dougan
The birth of Mary Stuart who was crowned Queen of France and should have been Queen of England which would have united three kingdoms.
This would have been a direct threat to Charles the Fifth of Germanic peoples, and as James Bryce narrates; ‘ A prince had just ascended the imperial throne who united dominions vaster than any Europe had seen since the days of his great namesake. Spain and Naples, Flanders, and other parts of the Burgundian lands, as well as large regions of eastern Germany, obeyed Charles; he drew inexhaustible revenues from an empire beyond the Atlantic, he had all the gold and rich treasures from Peru and Mexico.’
The English and French were so busy fighting each other and getting the Scots involved in their continuous wars the lords and nobles from the 3 nations, were so blind that they did not see the advantage of being united under one monarch, therefore the Lutherans and Calvinists created the great diversion of Church property, this took the nobles and lords minds away from the big picture of Europe, and plunged Scotland and England into hundreds of years of civil wars and strife, that could have been avoided if they had seen the value of the ace that they held… Mary Stuart.
James Bryce continued; ‘It may well be doubted-Englishmen at least have reason for the doubt-whether the Reformation would not have lost as much as it could have gained by being entangled in the meshes of royal patronage.’
James Bryce continues his interpretation he stated; ‘ Several fanatical sects arose; refusing to conform to the ordinary rules without which human society could not subsist.
The principles which had led the Protestants to sever themselves from the Roman Church should have taught them to bear with the opinions of others, and warned them from the attempt to connect agreement in doctrine or manner of worship with the indispensable forms of secular government.
A church which does not claim to be infallible is bound to allow that some part of the truth may possibly be with its adversaries. A church which permits or encourages human reason to apply itself to revelation has no right first to argue with people and then to punish them if they are not convinced.’
He points out the faults that the Protestant churches make even to this day regardless of the fact that the Roman Church was accused of so many indiscretions, which does not give license for others to follow bad examples especially as the reformers dictated that they were the true example of Christianity.
Harry Reid wrote in (Outside Verdict) ‘ It was a time for martyrs across Europe.’ Who do we refer the name martyrs upon ?
James Bryce points out at the start of his chapter on the Reformation that it was politics and not religion that created all the strife, though the Catholic Church was the easy whipping boy as there did not exist a Roman Catholic armed forces organisation, such as individual nations had at their disposal.
There was at one point in history where many nations united in a Christian force at the time of the Crusades.
I must add that The Ottoman Muslims were embroiled in defeating Roman Catholicism at this point in history~as they controlled vast areas of Europe and influenced the Protestant Reformers to destroy the Roman Faith. At the height of the Reformation there were no great Roman Catholic invasions, in fact the French did not interfere with other nations who supported Protestantism, though they did fight the Huguenots within France. Reid emphasis’s that; ‘ Calvinism has become something of a byword for meanness of the spirit.’ He also quotes Paul Scott CMG, president of the Saltire Society as stating; ” I am a Presbyterian atheist.”? Also George Rosie another writer and atheist both of whom warmly praised the Reformation, which to me seems rather contradictory and pitiful that these acquaintances of the former editor of the Glasgow Herald have decided that they do not believe in God though claim to be Presbyterians surely this proves my point on the political factor that Presbyterianism is not a religion. Harry poses a thought-provoking questionable writing thus; ” If outsiders and atheists can be so impressed ( by the Reformation ) why on earth can’t the Kirk itself take a bit of pride in its past, in its vast contribution.” ? The question must be addressed if these outsiders and atheists are so impressed by Presbyterianism and the Reformation, why are they not aligned to one of the many sects that they have available to them, or is it perhaps that they have been driven away from the teaching of Christ, because of the distorted doctrines and political agendas that they have had to endure from the Kirk and its demented companions. Reid continued to describe Lord Sutherland of Houndwood who considered at one time becoming a Church of Scotland minister, although he is not a member of the Kirk? He quotes him as saying; ” I do miss the days when the Church of Scotland seemed to matter so much. There are still issues around that I am sure that the Church could debate much better than our new Parliament could. But who is listening? The Church of Scotland cannot turn time back if our society has moved on. But it must not respond by falling prey to every fashion. If relativism and materialism are all around us, people are going to be looking for a degree of comfort, consolation and certainty – all sorts of things. The Church can provide these, but it desperately needs leadership.” Lord Sutherland was Principal of the University of Edinburgh, a member of its divinity faculty and professor of the philosophy of religion at New Collage. Why was he not a member of the Church of Scotland if he missed it so much? as he is well qualified to run the show, but obviously he does not posses the faith to become embroiled with the Kirk. His claim that the Church of Scotland needs leadership is the question that must be answered, what kind of leadership would he advocate Knox or White? or perhaps someone with integrity and a vision to bring Presbyterians into the 21st century, firstly to get round a table with Roman Catholics and hammer out a way to overcome the terrible past and crimes that both sides have committed against the other, and to start looking for a way to bring all the Christian faithful under one roof, together with Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and every other faith, then perhaps the whole world will find peace. Lets face the facts the people of the world will never love each other, but we can all respect each others civilizations, and that has got to be taught not only at schools but also through the government and media. The propaganda that others are not equal is causing all the world’s problems especially when one religious group thinks that they are the only true way, and everyone else is wrong, these beliefs should be eradicated by law as God is available free of charge to everyone on earth without any conditions regardless of what any of the major religious institutions preach, as everyone on earth wants to live in peace, with the exception of warmongering morons. I cannot understand why there are so many theological disputes take the example of Roman Catholics believing that the Pope is infallible, or Muslims believe that Mohammed is the prophet or others to believe what they want, that is the meaning of freedom and God. Since the1560s the Protestant Presbyterian churches have been dominated by elders who were the lairds and landowners and they were responsible for choosing the local ministers, in actual fact this policy has never gone away regardless of the many smoke screens set up by the Kirk. Professor T. M. Devine in his book The Scottish Nation 1700-2000 By The Penguin Press, plays the same cover-up performance for the Scottish Protestants, he wrote; ” The clergy were among the social and intellectual leaders of Scotland and from their families came a constant stream of young men and women reared in a domestic atmosphere of religious duty and educational endeavour who went on to make their mark in the Scottish professions bothat home and in the empire.” The period that Devine refers to is the 1840s the people from the Highlands of Scotland were starving to death, and in the cities such as Glasgow and Dundee, women and children’s lives were worthless because of poverty, unemployment and every disease that could be imagined, this was after almost 200 years of glorious Presbyterian rule and education was something for the clergy and elders, one only has to look at Charles Dickens writings for verification. Devine writes; ” Town councillors were also often Kirk elders and were not slow to bring their religious principles to bear on the many problems.” This situation is still rife in Scotland and Northern Ireland with these despicable people still running the show in most of the local councils, and the New Scottish Executive and not to forget Westminster which are all contaminated by these viscous, evil sects that control all the government agencies for their bourgeois landowning masters. Professor Devine describes David Livingstone as a “national icon” who almost became a Scottish“ saint”, hardly an apt description of someone who helped to plunge Africa into hundreds of years of Scottish and English subjugation through his cotton plantations, which lined the pockets of rich Presbyterian churchmen and their families over who’s heads hang the Sword of Damocles waiting tostrike at their thieving descendants. He also proudly writes about India, Africa, the Caribbean and China and the Scots missionaries who were to the fore, no doubt stuffing Opium down the poor Chinese peoples throats and setting up slave cabins~
Devine said; ” The role of the Scots in the British Empire was given a powerful moral legitimacy by the missionary movement. Empire could be seen as a territorial precondition for the expansion of God’s kingdom in order to liberate countless millions from the dreadful grip of paganism.”

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