Scotland’s Secret Shame; Part 1 By Frank J Dougan
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6th of April, 1320.
‘ For as long as but one hundred of us remain alive, we will never on any conditions submit to the domination of the English. It is not for glory nor riches, nor honours that we fight, but for freedom alone, which no good man gives up except with his life.’
Signed by the council of Earls, Barons and Freeholders at Newbattle Abbey near Edinburgh. Part of The Declaration of Arbroath, written shortly after Robert De Brus had defeated English invaders at Bannockburn, following in the footsteps of Scotland’s greatest warrior hero and defender of freedom William Wallace!
Oh Wallace William out of the west came to claim
justice, freedom and a nation for God his Lord’s holy name,
no cry or deed or want for himself of glory or fame.
At Stirling Bridge the might of Proud Edward’s army fell,
the cream of England died, lived not a man to tell.
Victory for bold Wallace and his fighters,
river awash with invaders blood did swell.
The great General whom Napoleon followed his thought train,
half of one thousand years again.
A mountain of a man legendary robed in emerald green,
from the depth of the forests the Caledonian,
to free his beloved land from tyranny, wipe out oppression,
degradation, exploitation The Wallace cried ‘Rebellion’.
From the mouth of the giant came!
‘ Dico tibi verum libertas optima rerum
nunquam servili sub nexu vivito fili’.
( Freedom is best I tell thee true, of all things to be won,
then never live within the bond of slavery my son!)
Reading, writing ‘n speaking in tongues French, Gaelic, Latin,
this awesome intellectual warrior of history and science
The Celts to him they came with the crown of guardian.
Evil Edward now long forgotten of him no man will ken,
forever the indestructible name of the Wallace William
is revered in every glen.
Some day not far the nation of Scotland will sprout,
the cry goes out with thoughts of a Wallace shout swords will be drawn battle lines take their form, every man stout, Alba, Caledonia, Scotland, the warrior hero William Wallace devout.
By Francesco Josepa Dougan
The truth about the lies and propaganda of the Scottish Reformation, and the death of the Protestant faith, as we enter the twenty first century.
Perhaps this period in history was one of the most violent times ever even for such a nation that was evolved from a warrior like people. The mid sixteenth century in the tumultuous reformation period had enveloped Scotland into a sea of blood and hatred such as had never been witnessed before or since.
Looking back through the misty window of time, the finger of guilt must be pointed at the ruling classes of the English who have conquered and pillaged across the face of the world, only to have been ejected eventually without contributing much to improve the standards of the natives of their conquests.
Although Scotland had a very small population in comparison to England the Scots held up admirably for over six hundred years against the English aggressors. One department that the Scots could not match the English at was cunning and deceit in this department the English were the masters even to this very day the rulers of the English know all the tricks.
The division of the Scots as a nation was the final solution, and that was introduced and succeeded during the period of the reformation, by the distorted and venereal diseased mind of Henry VIII the king of England. The term feudalism was a form of slavery and kept everyone under the power of their masters with fear of losing their home or life.
What this means is that the Bourgeoisie who were the land owners controlled the lives of the Proletariat, to the extent that the poor had no rights what so ever and could be expelled from their home and land on the whim of their masters and even murdered.
The feudal system was imposed all over Europe and with the introduction of the printing press in Germany around 1490; the peasant population then had access to learning to read, as prior to this period only the clergy and Bourgeoisie were allowed the joy of education openly.
The opening of this magical world of knowledge created an explosion of writers and thinkers to present new ideas to the world with revolutionary views and ideologies.
The Reformation, was part of the new ideology of the early sixteenth century mainly from the hand of Catholic clerics such as Martin Luther in Germany, and Calvin in Geneva?
Luther wanted much needed reforms to the Catholic system, as the church had been infiltrated by the greed of the Bourgeoisie who had placed many of their family members into positions of power, such as Bishops Under the halo of the church, not for ecumenical purposes, rather more for the need to control the spiritual as well as the physical being of the Proletariat.
Changes were inevitable and the ruling classes the Bourgeoisie, sensed the doom of the slave like feudal system. The king of England Henry VIII seized the initiative and strangled the church in England, grabbed all the properties owned by the Catholic church, and created a church to suit his own demented ideology knowing how important a role that the church held for the serf classes, the Proletariat.
Henry could then control every aspect of life from the cradle to the grave. The greatest sting in European history was conceived over a protest for reform, not of the workings of the true faith rather more of the corruption caused by the infiltration of the Bourgeoisie, alas the protest only led to the formation of a so called faith based on hate your neighbour. Protestantism was born, and has been a plague on the world over the past four hundred years, born out of lust and greed rather than necessity
The death of Protestantism is imminent!
The horrific wars of the twentieth century and Holocaust were all the blame of the evil powerbrokers of the powerful Protestant countries, and since the advent of this state sponsored and controlled way of thinking, more death and destruction has been reigned upon mankind than any other period known.
Thankfully, as we enter the first years of the twenty first century and view the decay in Protestantism with churches now derelict or being turned into bars or discotheques due to lack of interest, and mostly to the fact that the Proletariat have access to education, and realize that Catholicism is not the enemy that the Protestant doctrines professed it to be.
One of the last bastions of the Protestant faith Northern Ireland is at this moment under a Roman Catholic secretary of state appointed from London by a pro- Catholic government.
The queen of England, Elizabeth II, recently visited the Pope, John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome to pay him homage, coincidence perhaps that Elizabeth I of England the illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII was the scourge of the Catholic faith like her father.
I am sure that there are many misguided Christian Protestants desperate to find the truth, but with such a splintered organization as it has always been and is still the same today the Protestant faith is like a chicken without a head, though with many demented bodies.
Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, led from Rome with one head leading one body, which is constantly growing stronger with many new Cardinals recently appointed in the first month of the twenty first century.
Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis enjoy the respect of world leaders and has audiences of over one million people in almost every country they visits no other person in the world could command this sort of attention, especially to be preached at not to do the things that the Protestant churches allow such as divorce birth control, abortion, wars, discrimination, religious intolerance, especially in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where Orange men and women and their unfortunate children, openly display their hate for Catholics with marches led by bands playing hate filled sectarian music and songs.
In the eyes of the civilized world where most Christians enjoy a harmonious relationship Scotland and Northern Ireland are like Lepers.
I personally have never heard a Roman Catholic priest spread words of hate against Protestants, and I have lived and attended services in churches all around the world also in Protestant churches, which seem to have a dreadful fear of Catholicism why I do not know, perhaps they are afraid to live by the rules that the Catholic church demands.
Pope John Paul II helped to bring about the down fall of communism, and set millions of people free to determine their own fate, at the later end of the twentieth century, due to his personal intervention with the then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachov, who had all his military machine poised on the Polish border threatening to invade Poland, the Pope sent him a hand delivered letter telling Gorbachov that he would lay down the crown of Saint Peter and return to his Polish home land and stop the Soviets invading Poland.
The mighty Soviet machine withdrew thus was prevented the war that would have wiped out the entire world, as the Western Allies had ranged nuclear weapons on the German border of Poland to combat the Soviet threat as they also had nuclear power at hand.
One may argue that it was the power of the Western Allies that caused the Soviets to withdraw their massive military machine, but the Soviets knew all about the western power’s strength before they had amassed on the Polish frontier so it was obvious that they were confident that they could defeat the West in a war, until the intervention of the Pope, and the church that had stood against every empire and has survived for two thousand years with God on its side.
I Lived in West Germany on the Front Line during this period 1983-1989.
I have not lost the thread of the story about Mary Stuart the queen of Scots as she was a major contributor in the preservation of the Catholic Faith during the period of the reformation and her example which, has been grossly misrepresented by Protestant historians and observers due to her devout faith and devotion to the Roman Catholic church.
In reality her half brother and most of the Scottish nobles who were supposed to be her advisers betrayed Mary queen of Scots. This betrayal syndrome was not a new phenomenon amongst the Scottish Bourgeoisie, as the contamination had set in shortly after the Norman invasion of England, who poisoned the ethnic English then slowly spread their grasping tentacles north into Scotland.
William Wallace, the greatest Scots revolutionary paid with his life due to the deliberate betrayal by the Norman’s who had infiltrated the nobility in Scotland, and it should have been clear to Mary Stuart before she left the security of the French royal court that to return to Scotland was not unlike a lamb straying into a lion’s den.
John Knox the Protestant Dictator preacher who had been in the pay of Scotland’s greatest enemy Henry VIII the king of England, and was an accomplice of known Scottish traitors.
Knox became a very rich man as I have discovered recently through his grasping greed and hate he carried a message to hapless ignorant people of his deranged mentality.
Throughout the last millennium many demented monsters such as Knox have brainwashed the Proletariat with a cocktail of hate filled propaganda, or force.
Monsters like Edward I of England, Henry VIII of England, Elizabeth I of England, Oliver Cromwell of England, Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union, Adolph Hitler the Austrian dictator of Germany.
These are just a few though on a world-wide stage have been responsible for the deaths of countless millions, and without a doubt have prayed on the Proletariat when they have been vulnerable.
I am convinced that the above mentioned disrupted and destroyed the good and the decency that existed during the periods that they contaminated the world.
Thankfully they are yesterday’s news though there are some nut cases still in existence today that still require neutering, especially if they are allowed to poison the air with distorted rhetoric.
This story that I am writing is by no means an accurate documented history of Scotland or of the Protestant misconception of Christianity as I am by no manner of means a historian, or academic, rather more an uneducated observer, surrounded by deceit and the final period of the drowning anti-Catholic postures.
My most important criticism about the Scottish Protestants, is the fanatical dislike that they have about fellow Scots who happen to be Roman Catholic, the same situation applies in Northern Ireland more so there as in Scotland, though it must be pointed out that the majority of Protestants there are descended from Scots who stole the land from the Irish, with the aid of the English government today we call this system ethnic cleansing!
Back in the 1960s major riots broke out mainly because Protestants beat Catholics to death on the streets of Northern Ireland, burnt their homes and churches and schools, in exactly the same manner as the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews in Germany, during the 1930s especially on what became known as Krystal Nacht, ”The night of broken glass”.
And one must not forget the Ku Klux Klan the Protestant racist and sectarian sect that thrives on hate and evil on a par with The Orange Order.
The police in Northern Ireland like Scotland, was and still is mostly formed from Protestants and the Masonic secret society, and has for many years displayed and practiced discrimination against Catholics, though now I must say that Catholics are more educated and can combat the threat, in more ways than one therefore the Fascists who thrive within the security organizations, have softer less able to fight back peoples, the beautiful folk who happen to be a shade more darker in colour that so called white people.
On the streets of Edinburgh the capital of Scotland stands a statue in honour of one of the dastardliest bounder’s in Scottish history…John Knox.
A proven traitor, liar and cheat and money grabber and sexual deviant, he bled the poor serfs and raked in a fortune for his own selfish needs and brainwashed the hapless peasants, to rob and destroy Catholic churches and monasteries throughout Perthshire and eventually all over Scotland not unlike Hitler’s henchmen did to the Jewish people in Europe, and the K. K. K. has done against black people in USA
Unlike Hitler and this to me beggars belief Knox is glorified in Scotland, and indeed to Presbyterians scattered around the globe as a hero, and great reformism leader.
Hitler once quoted, ‘ The bigger the lie more people believe it’.
He must have studied the methods of Knox, probably as did Stalin, Chairman Mao and Pol Pot who all exploited the minds and weaknesses of the Proletariat.
What remains mind boggling is the fact that the Protestant Proletariat, are no further forward than their Catholic counterparts, nothing has changed for the better other than that people have the opportunity to visit foreign shores, such as Europe and view Catholics living in harmony with people of other persuasions, and suss out for themselves that all is not so full of doom and gloom as they have been led to believe.
Countless books have been written by so called experts on the life of Mary Queen of Scots, and her struggle against John Knox to whom she paid lots of money.
He was more than happy to take her money in reality to him it should have been tainted as we are led to believe from his opinions of his queen.
So much for the so-called high principals of the ex galley slave and serial collaborator with his country’s enemy England.
Was this a man you could have trusted I think not…?
I have noted from the work of a prominent Scottish historian himself a Protestant, that Knox was hen pecked yet he was constantly surrounded by demented female followers, obviously not of sound mind. In recent years one has seen what fundamentalism has created in the middle east under the rule of the Ayatollahs, who could have taken a leaf out of the works of Knox, and one could envisage the despot rule that the Scots were subjected to because of the misuse of religious xenophobia.
I am not versed on the understanding of Islam so therefore I am unable to comment on the path of the Ayatollah’s who now rule Iran with an iron fist now Islamic forces have infiltrated the Western Governments to sleeketly take over Christian nations and Israel as almost every Islamic nation has been destroyed by God for the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem c1006ad.
But I take issue with anyone who demands that the Proletariat is forced to accept the word of God under duress such as Knox and others since him have enforced upon the masses.
God, is a matter of conscience for the individual, and the only true freedom that one has the joy to embrace and find personal happiness.
And for me personally this right is the foundation of what every religion based on the love and trust of God and should be built upon.
Devil worship was rife in Berwick and was a stronghold during and after the Reformation, this was the territory where John Knox had his first post.
Throughout the years since the reformation so called historians have kidded the proletariat with a lot of bull over the glory of the Protestant victory or struggle, as they like to call it.
The truth has been covered up of the fact that in Scotland, that the reformation was a coup d’ teat, engineered by a group of ruthless cunning conniving, power hungry devil worshipers who when they had the chance they took it went totally mad.
Most books that I have read on the history of Scotland, have in fact in my opinion been platforms to glorify the wonders of the now dying Protestant faith.
How could have so many been kidded by so few for so long.
We’ve seen Communism and Fascism and Islam crumbling come and go to a certain extent in recent times yet this abomnamation under the banner of a religious movement.
Protestantism has clawed its way through four hundred years in the name of religion.
It must be said that the Roman Catholic Church during the sixteenth century required a shake up due to infiltration by heretics and this was taking place then, but for Knox and others of his train of thought and motives it was not quick enough, whereby allowing foxes a free run at the chicken coup, while the Catholic Church was caught in a moment of hesitation.
The sheer size of the Roman Catholic Church pre- reformation was susceptible to abuse, as was and is the same situation for every major world-wide organization and the same applies today.
No doubt this will continue in every walk of life but as a Church the Catholics have performed the only true reformation within its corridors of power, and grown into a major unit of strength though on saying this, it always must ensure to keep the garden tidy and rake out the weeds that are inevitable.
Scotland is actually in a sorry state having to rely on the crumbs that fall from the masters at Whitehall in London. This has been the state of affairs since the country was foolishly handed over to be ruled from London by the leaders of the Protestant reformation what else can one call it other than a sellout, because it has not helped the Scots to progress in Scotland, though they do if they immigrate.
Scots progress in other lands where they are free from the stupidity created and sustained in Scotland by the dark forces of Presbyterianism, that is a constant thorn in the flesh of modernisation and self determination.

One thought on “I have not lost the thread of the story about Mary Stuart the queen of Scots as she was a major contributor in the preservation of the Catholic Faith during the period of the Reformation and her example which, has been grossly misrepresented by Protestant historians and observers due to her devout faith and devotion to the Roman Catholic church.

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    These are just a few though on a world-wide stage have been responsible for the deaths of countless millions, and without a doubt have prayed on the Proletariat when they have been vulnerable.
    I am convinced that the above mentioned disrupted and destroyed the good and the decency that existed during the periods that they contaminated the world.


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