Metropolitan Police, London 11/01/2020 refuse to take action against the British Library, London UK for the theft of the Lindisfarne Gospels!

The Lindisfarne Gospels- Stolen and sold by the thugs of Henry VIII.

Metropolitan Police, London 11/01/2020

Transcripts: Agent Matt has joined the chat. [17:36:28]

Matt: Hi, how may I help you? [17:38:28]

Frank Dougan: The Lindisfarne Gospels- Stolen and sold by the thugs of Henry VIII.I contacted The British Library regarding ownership of The Lindisfarne Gospels and the possibility of them being to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I also asked them for information as to what happen with the considerable sums of money that they charged for people to view them when they were on loan to Palace Green Library, Durham during 2013 should be returned there into Roman Catholic safekeeping Now!

[17:39:44] Matt: Do you wish to report something or need assistance about a relevant police matter?

[17:41:38] Frank Dougan: Yes I want you to retrieve the stolen Lindisfarne Gospels from the British Library [17:43:20]

Frank Dougan: I realise this is not important to many people but it is a crime and I have letters from the British Library through my past MP Amber Rudd

[17:45:43] Frank Dougan: I have had letters of reply and support for my quest from His Holiness, Pope Francis, His Eminence Cardinal, Vincent Nichols, His Excellency, Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Antonio Mennini and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

[17:46:46] Frank Dougan: As one may note from the reply from the British Library the Gospels of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ have been bandied about from pillar to post by God knows who since the Reformation and now being used as a money making venture as over 100,000 people had to pay over £8 per person to view them at Durham this meant that people who were on low pay with a couple of kids or unemployed or pensioners could not afford to view one of the greatest wonders of the world and the source and lifeblood of our civilization.

[17:47:00] Matt: This sounds more like a civil dispute and not a matter for the police

[17:49:44] Frank Dougan: This matter affects you Matt and everyone in this nation as the Lindisfarne Gospels are the true works and words of our civilization which as you know especially in London with all the murders going on

[17:52:27] Frank Dougan: The reply is attached and below;

19th February 2015.

Thank you for your correspondence. As you pointed out, the Lindisfarne Gospels were once in the possession of Durham Cathedral Priory, according to Symeon of Durham, who refers to them in his twelfthcentury ‘Tract on the Origins and Progress of this the Church of Durham.’ After this period there is very little information on how or when the Lindisfarne Gospels left Durham Cathedral Priory. Lawrence Nowell, an antiquary and lexicographer, is known to have consulted the Lindisfarne Gospels in the 1560s, but he is not believed to have visited Durham. [17:53:14] Frank Dougan: The name Thomas Turner also appears in the codex, and his annotations have been dated to the early sixteenth century. The sixteenth-century antiquary

Thomas Bowyer (d.1569/70) may also have possessed the manuscript; by 1605, it was in the possession of his son, Robert Bowyer (b. c. 1560, d. 1621), a parliamentary official and politician, who inscribed his signature on the verso page of the second leaf of the manuscript. In the first few decades of the seventeenth century Sir Robert Bruce Cotton (b. 1571, d. 1631) 1st baronet, antiquary and politician, acquired the manuscript. It was then passed on to his son, Sir Thomas Cotton (b. 1594, d. 1662), and grandson, Sir John Cotton (b. 1621, d.1702). The Cotton collection, including the Lindisfarne Gospels, was bequeathed to the nation ‘for Publick Use and Advantage’ by Sir John Cotton at his death in 1702. [17:53:46] Frank Dougan: When the British Museum was established in 1753, these manuscripts formed one of the foundation collections of the Museum. The library of the Museum became the British Library in 1973. As you note, the Gospels were recently loaned to Palace Green Library, Durham, for an exhibition, and the accompanying book Richard Gameson, From holy Island to Durham: The Contexts and Meanings of The Lindisfarne Gospels (2013) contains an excellent analysis of the manuscript’s history. The Library does not have details of the funding for that exhibition. Regards Mark Reaveley Customer Services British Library.

[17:55:49] Frank Dougan: Since I raised this issue about the Lindisfarne Gospels being returned to Roman Catholic care takers as they were written by Roman Catholics at Lindisfarne by St Aidfrith and I am in no hesitation that our wonderful St. Bede would have contributed to the translations as he was the greatest translator, scholar alive at that period and lived at St. Paul’s Monastery at Jarrow and he would have been about 26 years old then and Lindisfarne and St. Paul’s would have had a daily communication along with St. Peter’s Abbey in Wearmouth as they were a short boat trip from each other on the same East Coast of England

[17:56:35] Matt: This is not a police matter sir.

[17:58:29] Frank Dougan: Matt who’s issue is it? You are the guardians of our society and nation I am a 70 year old pensioner and I need your help to rectify this injustice.

[17:59:09] Frank Dougan: As you may note this is years of work I have sent you.

[18:00:16] Matt: As I mentioned this is a civil matter and would need to go through the courts. Whoever believes that they are the rightful owner needs to take the matter to court. [18:00:27] Matt: Unfortunately I cannot assist you with this.

[18:02:44] Frank Dougan: Matt I have checked the court procedures and first this is a crime not civil and I don’t have money to deal with this as you possibly have the name of the Apostle Mathew who wrote the Gospels it is an issue for you

[18:04:12] Matt: I have already advised you. There is nothing we can do here. [18:04:26] Matt: It is not a matter for the metropolitan police.

[18:06:06] Frank Dougan: Ok I accept your advice, however, I would like you to pass this onto your superiors.

God bless you as I know you are overburdened with work.

[18:06:42] Matt: Thank you. Take care.

Agent Matt has left the chat. The chat is ended. (18:11:26)

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