One thought on “The Lindisfarne Gospels

  1. Written by Francis Joseph Dougan
    The Lindisfarne Gospels are in London in the British Museum Library they were stolen from Durham Cathedral by the thugs of Henry VIII.
    I am campaigning for their return to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle and the repatriation of the holy remains of St. Bede from Durham Cathedral to the Roman Catholic churches named after St. Bede in Jarrow and South Shields where he can be venerated in the Roman Catholic tradition.

    The Holy Gospels were on display at Durham Cathedral in 2013 and they were charging people £8.00 to view them.
    This meant that people on low income or unemployed could not afford to see them yet over 100,000 people viewed them.
    I asked the British Library where did the money go…they told me they did not know.
    I have had a reply from His Holiness, Pope Francis relating to my quest, I can send attachments of the letter I sent to His Holiness and the reply The Vatican sent me stating; ‘ The Holy Father will remember your intentions in his prayers. He invokes upon you God’s abundant blessings.’
    I have also had letters of reply from The Apostolic Nuncio, His Grace, Archbishop Antonio Mennini stating about The Gospels and St. Bede; ‘ This is a matter for The Church of England to decide on, possibly in consultation with the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.’
    Also a letter of reply from His Eminence, Cardinal Nichols assuring me of his prayers.
    Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth answered my letter and told me that she had sent my letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
    I wrote to him last month but alas no reply.
    The Lindisfarne Gospels were created by Roman Catholic scribes and I believe St. Bede had some influence in the translations as he was arguably one of the greatest scribes in the history of the English Roman Catholic Church to which he was solidly dedicated.
    I am also calling for the repatriation of the Holy remains of St. Cuthbert to be removed from Durham Cathedral and placed in a fitting Roman Catholic home such as St. Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle.
    St. Cuthbert was the greatest Roman Catholic miracle creating saint in all of England and Scotland and I can assure you his miracles will return when he is home.
    His shrine along with the shrine of St. Bede were destroyed when Durham Cathedral was desecrated at the hands of the followers of Henry VIII who created The Church of England to suit his demonic ideology and destruction of the Roman Catholic Faith and the veneration of saints in England and the barbaric destruction of monasteries, churches and all things Catholic along with the slaughter of priests.
    In Durham Cathedral stands a statue reputedly that of St. Cuthbert next to his tomb his head was cut off during the Reformation.
    In his hand he holds the head of St. Oswald who’s head was buried with him.
    What a preposterous sad state of affairs to look upon the headless effigy of St. Cuthbert holding the head of another great Roman Catholic saint.
    In The Church of England tradition there are no paintings or icons of St. Bede or St. Cuthbert in Durham Cathedral to remind the faithful of these great English saints and this has got to be rectified now!


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